Getting Started

After downloading your first Awesome Note, here are some critical elements that you need to be aware of and what we recommend you to do. Manage your notes more safely by following the steps below.

Backup Data
We recommend you make a regular backup for safe data storage.
Backup regularly before update.

Sync with iTunes
Execute iTunes Syncing to Backup all data in iPhone & iPad.
This Backup is to forestall lose of data or device.
Plugging your iPhone/iPad to computer will make iTunes Auto Sync to Backup all your data.

See iTunes Backup & Restore

Awesome Note Data Backup
To store note data, utilize the Backup feature in Awesome Note.
You can save it on your computer by date created.

Awesome Note provides two Backup methods.
  1. iTunes File Sharing
  2. Wi-Fi Backup

See How to Backup & Restore
Create your Google Docs / Evernote account
It is necessary to keep & manage your notes safely at all times. Awesome Note provides a Sync feature that allows you to export/import your notes to Google Docs or Evernote to keep your notes safe.

To edit & access notes in computer, you can use Google Docs/Evernote.

Both are online storage service where you can access your notes anytime, anywhere.
Moreover, by accessing the same account with your friend, colleagues and family members, It is easy indeed, to share common notes among your acquaintances.
Set your own Passcode
Once you forget your passcode, only way you can find it back is Google Docs.

Add your Google Docs account in Settings after setting your initial passcode.
Settings > Sync & Transfer (Google Docs) > Sign in
By adding an account, you will be able to retrieve your passcode from Google Docs in case you forget it.
Awesome Note will ask whether you have forgotten your passcode once you fail to enter it 3 times in a row.
Awesome Note will send the passcode to Google Docs for you to find out.
By visiting and signing in, you’ll be able to check out your passcode.

If you have not set your Google Docs account previously, then the only way left is to erase your Awesome Note and re-install it.
See Troubleshooting about I Forgot my passcode
Be aware before update
During update, we recommend you make a backup of your contents when syncing with your iTunes to prevent lose of data for unknown reason.
You can backup your contents by syncing with either Google Docs or Evernote.
You can update Awesome Note in iTunes as well as in App store.
We promise to continue our free update.