Add/Arrange/Edit Folders
You can add/arrange/edit folders in the main screen.
Tap the buttons circled in yellow.
Add Folders
You can add folders in the main screen. You can also set your default note type & theme.
Arrange Folders
You can arrange folders in any order you like.
Place the folders where you want them to be by dragging them up & down like the picture below.
Also add spaces between the folders to organize your folder layout.
Edit Folders
You can customize your folder settings for each folder.
Choose the folder that you want to edit or lock and tap ‘Edit’.

You can set the following options for each folder settings.

Title, Icon, Color
Default Note Type and Theme
Passcode Lock
Sync this folder
You can also set passcode lock/unlock for each folder that you have. To set & change passcode, refer to the following step.
Setting > Passcode Lock
Change Folder Icon/Color
In the Folder Settings screen, Tap ‘Icon’ or ‘Color’ to customize to your taste.