Note List

View Note List
You can choose your own method of viewing your notes.
We provide 6 ways of viewing notes and they are suited for each folder usage.

Thumbnail View
List View
To-do View
Detail View
Diary View
Photo View

Tap the icon ‘View’ at the bottom of the screen in each folder.
Sort Notes
You can sort notes by Date Modified, Date Created, Name, Due Date and Priority.
You can also sort notes into Ascending or Descending order.

Tap the icon named ‘Sort By’ in each folder.
Search Notes
You can search texts in each note.
To search among all notes, tap the same button in ‘All Notes’ in the main screen.

1. Tap the part circled in red.
2. Enter the text that you wish to search in the search field.
Search Tags
You can search note texts by typing in its tag in the search menu of each folder.
To search tags among All Notes, search in ‘All Notes’ in the main screen.