Note Types

We provide 4 Note-Types and you can set the type by pressing the ‘Check’ button below.
Its handy that regardless of the Note Type, you can insert Images & Location.
Normal Note : Default type of note
To-do Note : Set Due Date, Make it Repeat and Set Alarm Notifications
                            ex) Shopping List, To-do List
Anniversary Note : Set a date and count your D-day
                                    ex) Birthday, Anniversaries
Diary Note : Display your Weather & Feeling day by day
                        ex) Daily Journal, Itinerary
Normal Note
You can manage your schedules by setting the note type as Normal.
This is the most basic type of note that you can keep in Awesome Note. In other words, We call it the ‘plain note’, meaning that it exists without any functional features.
To-do Note
Awesome Note supports a To-do management. But we are offering this feature in a note type. Set a due date on the task with an alarm notification. You can set task to Repeat by setting the condition of the repetition. Besides, you can even set your work progress.

Put a Check mark(V) on the To-do Note icon to convert ‘Incomplete’ task to ‘Done’.

To-do Note can be used as a Check List, To-do list, Shopping List and Bucket List.
Anniversary Note
Add your friend’s birthday or set a D-day note to remember your important anniversaries.
Make your own customized Anniversary Note. It will even ring an alarm on the due date.
We named it an Anniversary Note, but it can morph almost into anything based on your creativity.

For Instance, you can use to remember birthdays, Anniversaries, D-days, etc.
Diary Note
Do you have your own diary? If not, how about start writing one with Awesome Note.
Recording the weather and posting a facial mark showing your feeling will make your diary look unique.

Diary Note can be used as a personal journal or an itinerary while you travel.