Adding Notes
Creating New Note in the main screen
You can quickly create a new note without categorizing folders by tapping ‘New Notes’
on the top- right of the main screen. This note creation can be done in any folders.

Pressing ‘+’ button will create a new note.
Pressing ‘+’ button steadily to open Note-Selection window.

Quick Tip: In the Note-Selection window, press the Camera icon to make instant photo notes. It will lessen the time to create notes, and then taking photos.

Adding Quick Note
You can simply add a quick note in the note list screen. Just simply drag down the screen and you will see a field where you can type in your quick note.
However, To-do note automatically displays the Quick type-in field.
Deleting Notes
You can delete notes in the menu of each note.
Deleting & Moving multiple Notes
You can delete or move the notes by tapping Menu in the list view.
Moving Notes
You can move the note to a different folder.
Tap the folder name placed right next to stars.
Setting Priority
You can set priorities for To-do tasks. Priority is rated in 5 levels.
Tap the stars (circled in red) to set priority-level.

The Stars are right next to the date.
Changing Creation Date
You can change the creation date.
Tab the icon next to the date and change the creation date.
Clickable Links (Read-only mode)
You can set read-only mode for notes. Phone number, E-mail address and web address(URL) can be linked.
Tap the yellow button at the bottom left in each note.
Inserting & Deleting Photos, Location and Drawing
Inserting Photos, Location and Drawing
You can insert several photos/drawings and a Location into the note by tapping the Clip button. To attach photos, location and drawing, tap the part circled in red.

In addition, you can set the quality of the image being attached to the
note in the Settings menu.

Only one Location can be attached to note and it can be customized by Drawing.

Photos can be taken manually or selected from Photo Album.
Photo Taking is supported only on devices that has a camera.
Select between pen and highlighter to make drawing. You can adjust the thickness
and color of the drawing. In addition, you can use the Sheets for effective drawing.

Deleting Photos, Location and Drawing
You can delete photo, location and drawing that you inserted in the note.
Tap the ‘arrow mark’ or the ‘x’ button at the bottom right corner of the object.
Photos and Drawings can be saved into album.
Adding Tags
You can add multiple tags in your note and manage them by Tag Search.
Dragging down the screen will let you add the tag.

To erase the tag, select the tag and press ‘Back Space’ in Keyboard.

Tag is used to sub-classify notes in one folder or for fast searching if you are keeping many notes.
Changing Backgrounds and Font Style
You can change the default settings of background and font-style for each folder.
Once you change the settings and save as default, the saved setting will be applied to newly added notes.

1. Tap the icon marked ‘A’ to choose backgrounds and font-style/size.
2. Select between ‘Background’ and ‘Font’.