To use To-do note efficiently, set the default note type of the folder to To-do note.
Plus, manage your tasks by selecting To-do View in the Note List View Screen.
Adding To-dos
You can set your To-do with the Due Date in each note.
Tap the To-do icon located at the right side of the menu. Select To-do note type.

Adding Quick To-do
Add a quick To-do note in the upper field of the screen.
To-do created from Quick Add has no default due date.

  1. Press ‘Return’ key in the field to create notes consecutively.
  2. Press the ‘clock’ icon to set your due date fast. Or Drag & Drop to each To-do tab.
Drag & Drop
You can simply add a quick note in the To-Do note list.
Now tap your quick note (or existing note) for a second and drop it to one of the progress tabs situated on the right part of the screen. This easy Drop feature will enable you to organize your To-do tasks easily and fast.
To-do tab
No Date : Task with no due date set.
Today : Displays Overdue Task & Today’s Task. Dropping your task in this tab means that you are setting Today as the due date.
In Progress : Changes the Task status to In Progress.
Next : Displays Tomorrow or Tasks that should get done someday. Dropping onto this tab means that you are setting the due date as Tomorrow, 2 days later, 3 days later, One week later, Someday or to Custom date. Converting Status to Waiting is also capable.
Completed : Displays Completed, Pending and Cancelled Tasks.
Setting Due date
You can set a due date for the To-do task.
Tap the To-do in the center to open up the configure panel.
Setting Status
You can set work status for To-dos. Status is divided into 4 different types(In Progress, Waiting, Pending and Cancelled). Select the best one that suits your need when managing your To-dos.

‘Status’ is an added feature for users willing to manage their tasks sophisticatedly. Tasks will be organized into the same status group.

In Progress : Displays tasks that are currently in progress.
Waiting : If you are waiting for someone’s task to be done & handed over to you, set the the task as waiting. When you can start the work, change the status to In Progress.
Pending : If you are not sure whether to begin or withhold a certain task, set this.
Cancelled : When a task is cancelled but uncertain whether you can categorize it as Done, Leave it up as Cancelled. Change the status again when resuming the task.
Repeating To-dos
You can set a Repeat option for your To-do task. Tasks that have been set as Repeat do not show up in every calendar period or in the To-do note list. It will show up only one at a time within the period limit.

Repeat Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
Repeat Every 2~365 day, Every 2~48 week, Every 2~12 month and Every 2~ year.
Repeat among Monday to Friday.
Setting Alarm Notification
You can set an audible alarm for To-do tasks in the Alarm tab.
Alarm feature is supported only in iOS 4 or above.

You can also set overdue To-do tasks to ring everyday.

Unless otherwise configured, Alarm time is set to 11:00 P.M of the day before due date. Get Free iOS 4 Software Update