You can configure basic settings of note tasking and choose the background of main screen.

1. Create a New Note
You can choose what to enter initially when you create a new note.
Edit Body First
Edit Title First

2. Show Undo/Redo Button
You can choose if you turn on Undo/Redo Button when editing.

3. Image Quality
You can choose the quality of images that are taken by Awesome Note.
Low Quality
Normal Quality
High Quality

4. Save Images to Photo Album when taking a picture
Choose whether you want to save images to Photo Album when taking a picture in Awesome Note.
Note Transfer
Via Bluetooth, you can transfer notes with other Awesome Note users. Using within distance of 10 meters (32 feet) does not require Wi-Fi or 3G network connection.
Sync & Transfer
You can set up Sync & Transfer in settings.
Passcode Lock
You can set up the passcode. You can secure your folders when you lock it with a passcode.
Settings > Passcode Lock and enter a 4-digit passcode twice

In case you forget your passcode
Add your Google Docs account in Settings after setting your initial passcode.
Settings > Sync & Transfer (Google Docs) > Sign in
By adding an account, you will be able to retrieve your passcode from Google Docs in case you forget it.
Awesome Note will ask whether you have forgotten your passcode once you fail to enter it 3 times.
If you have not set your Google Docs account previously, then the only way left is to erase your Awesome Note and reinstall it.

See Troubleshooting forgetting passcode
To-do Settings
You can choose how many badge counts you will use for todos.