How to Transfer Data

Bring back your data to Awesome Note in the following cases.
From iPhone to iPad
From computer to iPhone/iPad
From Lite to Full version
From Default Note app to Awesome Note
From iPhone to iPad
If you are using Awesome Note in both iPhone & iPad, you can share data in 3 methods.

1. If you are Syncing with Google Docs/Evernote
Transfer your data through Sync.
Manage your notes which are identical in both iPhone & iPad through Sync.
See Perfectly Syncing with iPhone & iPad

2. If you are not using the Sync feature
Then you can transfer data through Backup & Restore feature.
Transferred data get to be managed individually. Editing in one device will not be reflected on the other side. Use the Sync to make it capable.
See Transferring data at once using the Backup & Restore

3. When you prefer to transfer only a limited amount of notes
You can utilize the Bluetooth Note Transfer to send notes
Use Import/Export feature with Google Docs/Evernote to send notes
See Transferring notes one by one
Restoring a previously deleted note through Backup will cause Awesome Note to include the Restored notes during the Sync. If you are a Sync user, set aside Backup notes only for the purpose of keeping your notes safe. Do not use both features interchangeably. It will mix up & duplicate your notes.
From computer to iPhone/iPad
You can transfer your previous documents in the computer to iPhone & iPad.
After transferring your computer data to Google Docs or Evernote, you can sync those data back to Awesome Note for iPhone & iPad.

Step 1Select the web service that you wish to sync with Awesome Note.
See How to Sync

Step 2Select the web service that you wish to sync with Awesome Note.
See more about Uploading Note to Google
See more about Uploading Note to Evernote

Note: When uploading to Google Docs, Awesome Note will create a root folder named ‘Awesome Note’ and it will store the data inside this directory. In Evernote, data will be uploaded to folder that starts with ‘[aNote]..’.

Step 3Click ‘Sync Now’ in Awesome Note.

After syncing, you can find out that data have been stored in Awesome Note. If the Sync went wrong, check the following. Can’t Sync

Note: Aside from Sync feature, you can transfer the file one by one by using the Import/Export feature served by Google Docs/Evernote.
From default Note App to Awesome Note
You can transfer notes stored in your iPhone / iPad Default Note application to Awesome Note.
  1. Just Copy & Paste the notes to Awesome Note, if there are few of them.
  2. If there are many notes to transfer, export those notes to the computer and repeat the procedure ‘Computer to Awesome Note’.
From Lite to Full version
In the Lite version, the following three features that belong to Sync & Transfer don't work.
Note Transfer (via bluetooth)
Sync & Transfer (Google Docs)
Sync & Transfer (Evernote)

Since, Lite version is provided to our users as a demonstration tool and that some features are limited, the only way you can transfer your Lite notes to the full version is through Backup & Restore.

In the Backup & Restore, there are two features served.
  1. iTunes File Sharing
  2. Web sharing over Wi-Fi
By using either one of the features in Backup & Restore, you will be able to transfer your notes to the full version of Awesome Note.

Note: First, in order to execute iTunes File Sharing, you have to have the latest iOS installed in your device. It works only on iOS 4.0 & above. Also, create your Backup file that ends with extension '.anb' in the iTunes File Sharing feature.