Perfectly Syncing iPhone and iPad

You can share data between iPhone & iPad.
If you are using both Awesome Note for iPhone & iPad !
You can make perfect Sync through Google Docs or Evernote.

If you hope to perfectly Sync your Awesome Note in iPhone & iPad, go through the following steps.

Just to make sure! Make a Backup of your notes.

  • Step 1Relocate every note data to your Awesome Note in iPhone.
  • Step 2Erase all folders and notes in your Awesome Note for iPad.
  • Step 3Log into Google Docs or Evernote, and erase all Awesome Note folders and data
  • Step 4Start Syncing from iPhone to Google Docs/Evernote
  • Step 5Sync again from iPad to Google Docs/Evernote
Learn more on Sync

After ongoing the steps above, the next time you need to do is quite simple.
Just repeat step 4, 5 or Vice Versa to keep your notes exactly the same in both devices.
If you are using Sync, leave the Backup data sorely for its purpose.
If you are not using the Sync feature, data for iPhone & iPad can be transferred through the Backup & Restore feature.