Awesome Note supports synchronization with both Evernote & Google Drive.
Sync is required in the following situations.
If you wish to edit notes in computer.
If you wish to see categorized notes in computer.
If you wish to share your notes through the web.

In these cases, we recommend the Sync feature.
When you lose all your data in Awesome Note, you can restore it back from Evernote/Google Drive.
By Syncing in real-time, you can see exactly same contents edited in single Awesome Note.
What is ‘Sync’ ?
Synchronization is an operation of making data on aNote’s and PC/Mac (iTunes) or linked Evernote/Google Drive IDENTICAL. More simply put, think of iTunes or Evernote/Google Drive as the original source of your data and iPhone/iPad as the copy version. Since sync is basically making the device identical to iTunes or Evernote/Google Drive, if there were notes A, B, C, and D in your Evernote and notes D, E and F on your iPhone, the most easily perceived mistake when sync is that your iPhone will be updated with notes A, B, C, D, E and F. But this is WRONG because synchronization is again producing an identical copy of the original. The sync result on your iPhone will therefore be notes A, B, C and D while notes E and F being deleted.

Sync Sequence
1. Closely examine the coincidence of notes between iPhone/iPad and iTunes or Evernote/Google Drive.
2. If any differences in notes are found, classify for the relatively newer notes.
3. On the basis of this modified date, copy the notes onto the other side. This means copying the newer notes onto the other side with older notes.
4. Both sides now have the same notes.

Setting up Account
Opening Evernote & Google Drive account lets you manage your notes more effectively.
Once you log into your account, it will automatically keep its log-in status. This means that you don’t need to log-in to Google Drive or Evernote every time you execute Awesome Note.
To keep your data secure, set a passcode on some folders and lock it.

Setting > Evernote Sync & Transfer > Sign in

Setting > Google Drive Sync & Transfer > Sign in
If this is your first time making a Sync, it will take a while to sync with Google Drive or Evernote. It depends on how many notes & folders you have created, but generally it will take little longer than the usual Sync time. It needs to generate notes & folders on the Sync target server.

After your first Sync, the duration will be much less for it will only upload/download the changes made.

Settings > Evernote Sync & Transfer > Sync Now

Settings > Google Drive Sync & Transfer > Sync Now

Turn off the ‘Sync this folder’ switch in Folder Settings to avoid a folder getting synced.
Syncing with Evernote
Evernote creates folders with a label named ‘[aNote]’ while syncing. Be aware that modifying or deleting this label will disable future syncs for this label is peculiar to Awesome Note data.
Note: Evernote offers users 60MB Traffic capacity every month for free.
To get more capacity, Apply for Evernote Premium Service
Syncing with Google Drive
Awesome Note syncs with Google Drive and it creates ‘Awesome Note’ folders to save the contents.
Please make sure the capacity of inserted picture per note should be under 10MB to sync with Google Drive. In addition, each of the synced file contains note format information below the page. So do not erase it. Otherwise, you will not be able to see the note based on its original format.
Errors while syncing
Please check the below details first.

  1. Awesome Note only supports Document formats (DOC, TXT, RTF) and other files such as PDF, XML, CSV, ODS, ODT, HTML file formats cannot be supported so they do not sync.
  2. Check out the size of file attached. Google Drive limits size up to 10MB when syncing with images and contents.

When error occurs while syncing with Evernote/Google Drive, the following steps should be checked. These listed problems might occur after making an upgrade.

  1. When you have constant log-in error, log into Google Drive with web browser.
  2. In case of irregular errors, unstable 3G and WiFi connections might be the reason.
  3. In case of irregular errors, It might be due to overcapacity of Google Drive server. Try again later.
  4. When trying to import & export your notes with Google Drive and if only the import does not work, open up a new account in Google Drive and try again.

We strongly recommend you to backup your data regularly.
Regular syncing with iTunes makes you backup & restore the data easily.
Learn more on Backup & Restore