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We continue innovating

You can look forward to these features :

• Repeating tasks
• Calendar view
• Diary view
• Delete completed tasks
• Manage note list (Move and delete multiple items)
• Image and diary view mode
• Map location attachment
• More icons and more themes

We're going to consider these features after a review :
It may not be able to integrate some features into
the current program system.

• Post to facebook, twitter, etc..
• Voice Memo
• Setting a main screen theme
• Editing app title on the main screen
• Alphabetical index on the list view
• Editing a creation date
• Push Notification (alarm)
• Bullet/Indent

Do you have a great idea or suggestion?

Thank you for contacting Awesome Note Support.

Before sending email, please read FAQ and Troubleshooting. Also you can see the promising features.

We'd love to hear your suggestions but we're not able to provide compensation or personal responses to you due to the volume of information we receive.

We promise that we read every suggestion and consider all feedback as we work to improve Awesome Note.

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